Simulate Your Connected Vehicle Applications Before Deploying Them on the Road

The nature of Connected Vehicle Application (CV App) development necessitates a test environment that facilitates Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) or Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I) interactions. As an example of the first case, a Collision Avoidance or Cooperative Cruise Control application would need 2 or more vehicles interacting with each other, while the latter case is exemplified by an intersection […]

Wireless Network Simulation in eTEXAS

eTEXAS is a platform for simulating and validating the logic of Connected Vehicle applications. A large part of application operation is the sending and receiving of messages such as those specified by the SAE J2735 message set. Indeed, an application is only a Connected Vehicle application if it sends data to other nearby devices. Therefore […]

DSRC/Wave Vehicle Communication and Traffic Simulator eTEXAS

Connected Vehicles is a US Department of Transportation (USDOT) research initiative that is based on a new vehicle communications framework. This wireless communications framework will allow communication from vehicle to vehicle and from vehicles to the road side infrastructure using the IEEE 1609 802.11p specification. eTEXAS is an integrated traffic and communications simulator developed in […]

DSRC versus Cellular

Last Wednesday (April 30) USDOT hosted a “free public meeting inform stakeholders on the progress, products, and next steps of the Connected Vehicle Pilot Deployment Program.” The meeting was informative and provided an introduction to the USDOT Connected Vehicle program, a vision for the upcoming Connected Vehicle Pilot Deployment, and several different deployment concepts. The […]

Using eTEXAS to Evaluate Fuel Savings

eTEXAS is a powerful platform to test and evaluate Connected Vehicle (CV) application logic. We’ve used it to help us develop a CV App that helps drivers save fuel and to quantify the fuel savings. The CV App is an eco-speed control algorithm that would reside on an On-Board Unit (OBU) that receives SAE J2735 […]

What Can You Do With eTEXAS?

Connected Vehicle (CV) Apps are algorithms or logic that take advantage of data available over wireless communications from vehicles or roadway infrastructure. eTEXAS is a complete platform for testing CV Apps. CV Researchers can validate CV Apps in an ecosystem of many other CV Apps. Here are a few things you can do: 1) Deploy […]